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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2011|01:22 am]
Beatles Couch

Hello my dears! I just wanted to plug a Beatles-related community of mine here, see if some of you might be interested.
(xposted, sorry!)

Click on the picture to enter!

Nothing Is Real is a Beatles role play community! It partly deals with mature themes, which is why we are friends only, but you can of course join just to read the threads. We are open to gen, het and slash. AUs are accepted, but not original characters. The game is mostly centred around the Beatles but any character even loosely connected with the 60s or 70s art scene is welcome, really.

It's a 'no strings attached' sort of role play which basically means that you can apply for as many characters as you want, Beatles, Beatles wives or friends and there can be as many players as we want, even for the same characters. You can also choose your time and space span, build it up through several threads or jump from one thing to the other freely. It fact it isn't a well-built rp as much as a den, a place for you to meet other role players and start threads freely with the ones you like.

If you are interested in role playing in the Beatles universe, don't be scared to have a look around at the rules and introduction posts, and message me if you have any questions! Role playing is pretty much like reading/writing fan-fiction, except that you do it with one or several other people, which is always good fun, unexpected and stimulating. Hope to see you around!
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2011|11:08 pm]
Beatles Couch


Welcome to The Beatles News, a community to discuss the Beatles in general, and more precisely recent news about them!

A safe place for all Beatles fans, from casual to hysterics.

Be the first to know about brand-new Beatles news and read our f-only scans of Beatles-related articles.
Share pictures, videos, songs and useful links.
Recommend the best fanfiction of website you've found.
Discuss to your heart's content, ask for help and precisions on everything you'd always hoped to know better!

Hope to see you around :)
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Fanfics [Aug. 29th, 2010|10:15 pm]
Beatles Couch

Hello everybody,
I'm new to the Beatles Couch and I couldn't be happier to have found a place to discuss all Beatles, all the time.

I guess my first contribution to this Beatles couch will be to let youguys know of my fanfics...for those of you who may be interested.

Things We Said Today: a simple little story dealing with the adventures the Beatles encountered before hitting it big and some of their misfortunes as well. This story takes place in Liverpool around 1959 after our main character Katherine, also known as Kat, moves to Liverpool after her dad gets transferred due to his job. Little does she know that her new neighbor will make the move to England worthwhile. ( FINISHED) PG-13

Pieces of Dreams: the sequel to my first story, "Things We Said Today". If you haven't read this yet, I recommend you do in order to understand the story line. For those of you who have read it, get ready to follow Katia on her new adventure with the Beatles now that they have hit it big in the States. Will their new fame overshadow the friendship they shared with Katia or will it strengthen the bonds of a relationship that was made before their rise to stardom? ( FINISHED) PG-13/NC-17

Two Way Mirror: stars twin sisters Mirel and Emma Sherlin. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mirel is forced to take on Emma's identity in order to help her sister reach her lifelong dream. Not realizing there are two Sherlins causes a whole mess of confusion in the mind and heart of a certain Beatle. Eventually the real identities of Mirel and Emma are revealed, but not before cupid has made his move. We now have a Beatle in love...but with whom is he in love with? Mirel or Emma? (Not completed) PG-13/NC-17
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CALLING ALL BEATLES' FANS! [Aug. 25th, 2009|11:45 pm]
Beatles Couch


(I apologize for spamming f-lists, but I really need a LOT of people's help!)

Please delete if this is not related enough... also, please check out The Fab Fans on Youtube if you haven't already, you won't regret it!!

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Paul @ Citi Field, 07/18/09 [Jul. 15th, 2009|11:14 am]
Beatles Couch

I have 2 tickets for sale for the saturday show! They're priced at face value but somehow I can't get them to sell :[

They're e-tickets and will be emailed.
I'm going to the tuesday show instead. =\

PS friday and saturday show people, could you take down the prices on merch and shit? I wanna know how much cash I should have on me ;]
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"Your Own Sweet Boys" [Jan. 14th, 2009|12:50 am]
Beatles Couch

I gave this paper at a conference in Florida eons ago, but I thought it might be of interest here. I was doing a lot of work on teen idols and androgyny at the time, but this was way before I discovered slash.

It's called "Your Own Sweet Boys: The Beatles as Teen Idols."


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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2009|11:52 pm]
Beatles Couch

Community plug here.
A community to talk/vent/rant/rave/love/lust about The Beatles (and the like, read rules on profile)
Please read profile rules before clicking watch or join community.



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FIC: "Brian Epstein's Christmas Show" (PG) [Dec. 15th, 2008|08:53 am]
Beatles Couch

Title: "Brian Epstein's Christmas Show"
Author: Nemperor
Rating: PG
Pairing: Mostly gen with occasional slashy mentions
Summary: John sends him a hand-drawn card that says "Merry Christian, Brian." And he's not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Read more...Collapse )
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Brian and John: Did they or didn't they? [Dec. 2nd, 2008|04:21 pm]
Beatles Couch

I'd love to see more discussions on beatles_couch, so I thought that I'd start one off and see whether I could get things rolling.

I thought it might be fun to start with the eternal question of Brian and John in Spain. Did anything happen? If so, what? There are as many different versions as there are people to tell them.

What do you think happened? Do you think John was just curious, or wanted to solidify his hold over Brian, or what? Or do you think it's all just a myth that's been embroidered over the years?

Some different accountsCollapse )
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New Beatles Community [Nov. 24th, 2008|01:42 pm]
Beatles Couch
Hey everyone! :) If this isn't allowed feel free to delete it but I just want to let you know about my new community called: mybeatlesroom. It's a place where Beatlemaniacs can share their decorated Beatle rooms in photos or just their favorite items. Please tell your friends to join so more fun and games can manifest. We've got one posted already, don't be shy!
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